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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Twilight Vs New Moon

Twilight is not a movie; it’s a poem; a beautifully written and heart-melting poem about a monster and a girly girl. And it’s the embodiment of these opposite characteristics that keeps the whole theme in a precarious balance. The movie has a beginning, the birth of a mysterious vampire on the screens and then an end, the girl going with him and probably going to live happily ever after. This is the clarity that a viewer needs, apart from the climax, the poetic love scenes, the dangers, the extreme powers and ofcourse, the perfect couple; a girl and a vampire.
New moon is bigger, definitely. The cinematography reaches a new height, the animation is credible yet it fails to pull the strings of our hearts. The story of the fledgling twilight unfolds here, getting into newer dimensions and greater dangers. However, unlike Twilight, it is unable to weave all the different shades of love, desire, horror, fear, friendship into one. It lacks the simplicity, the tender finalism that gives the finish. It infact supports the saying that no matter how hard you work on the way, it’s the finish that counts.
The attempt to mix up the cool college life with the dangers of the wood, it kind of splits the movie into several pieces. And to make it a poetic dream, it infuses too much music. A film is after all a film, not a book.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dexter Review

Tonight’s the night.
A group of three words strong enough to invoke that deep dark sense of fear and ensuing excitement we all are fond of. But this time, it’s different coz it’s not a cliché anymore, not a sentence used by serial killers to scare us of their ghoulish intentions. It’s the other way around this time; it’s the protagonist himself saying these words. And we are a part of his personality, we know his secrets. It is different coz the point of view is reversed, we are allowed to connect to the man in possession of ultimate powers and thus we feel powerful too.
Dexter is quiet, thoughtful but above all, a good human being if you ignore the fact that he hacks human body into six equal trash bags and dumps them. He does not flaunt his power; another good quality, a universal quality that we all like, that he is humble. Be it Harry potter of Spiderman, we all love humbleness. The director knows that in order to like the serial, we gotta like him and yes we do, in a sadistic kind of way.
Crime serials are an instant hit, how about Criminal minds or Crime Scene Investigation. But Dexter stand out, without a doubt. Take the movie SEVEN; we did not know the killer but the killings were done in such an interesting way that it kept us on the edge of our seat. In the movie SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, we knew the adept killer cum cannibal but he was a bad guy, out of our reach. Dexter, however is a new concept coz here, the killer is a good guy.
Now, apart from this serious topic of killings and brutality, it does not become CRIMINAL MINDS coz it has a touch of humor to it given by its actors, the social life of Dexter and so on. I won’t go into rating the seasons of Dexter coz all are great. Watching Dexter is a must, despite its small crew and not-so-great locations. Miami takes care of the latter.